leisure suit

Dare To Be Awkward and Uncomfortable

Jesus spent His whole life engaging the people most of us have spent our whole lives trying to avoid.        Bob Goff

I’ve been going a lot of thinking lately about moving out of my comfort zone. I read a post at Love Thy Neighborhood this week about how bold love sometimes requires us to be awkward.  Building upon that, I told Craig

Me: I think I’ve found my tattoo!

Dare to be awkward                           and uncomfortable

Me: It encompasses everything I’ve been learning! Moving out of your comfort zone, loving people, showing grace and forgiveness, pursuing your dreams, personal growth – everything hard requires you to be awkward and uncomfortable.

Craig: It’s like wearing a polyester leisure suit.

Blank stare

Me: Way to ruin it for me, babe.

*this is brought to you courtesy of Craig and Kristin’s Roadtrip Conversations*