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If you are new to this blog, or are just having a tough time navigating, WELCOME! I started this blog on a whim, and just kept going. It’s all over the place (kind of like me).

I write about




finding beauty in the mess

learning to accept the mess as part of the beauty

and the importance of living a great story.


Here are some of (what I think) are my best posts to get you started:

Hope for the Hopelessly Undisciplined (my second most read post)

Why Church Breaks My Heart (By far my most read post) 

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Marriage Survival: Guest post for Rage Against the Minivan

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Confessions of a Food Addict Starting the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

I Am From  (a poem that tells where I came from and what shaped my heart)

I write because every reader to know that

You matter

Your story matters

 You are enough

You are loved

I write because that is how I process life. If something I write resonates with you or connects with your heart in some way, even better. You are part of my tribe. I write because we are all just people, garden variety people, trying to walk through this life as best we can, and we need each other.

I usually have comments disabled on my blog, so if you would like to comment or share your thoughts or ask a question, I would LOVE to hear from you – fill out the form below.