Dare To Dream


DARE TO DREAM – Together we are going to look at what it means to dream, and how to find your purpose,  passion, and perspective. Short daily posts will ask questions to get you thinking, give you exercises to help you along the way, and share stories about what learning to dream looks like in other people lives. Sometimes we will laugh, sometimes we might cry, but hopefully we will all just learn together about what it looks like to find and follow a dream that will lead to a more meaningful, purposeful life.


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*This is part of the Write 31 Days series that occurs each October

1.  When Your Dream Has Died (Or You Have Simply Forgotten How To Dream) dead flower

2. What is Your Dream? (Two Questions to Help You Find It) a dream is a wish your heart makes

3. Your Life Dream: Pleasure vs Deep Meaning (Freud vs Frankl) image

4. Questions to Contemplate questions 1

5. Your Life as A Story story

6. Excuse Me, I Think I’ve Lost My Passion  

photo cred Sarah Laval flickr

photo cred Sarah Laval flickr

7.  Digging Deep to Discover Your  Dream   digging in sand

8. This ONE Thing is the Secret of Lifesecreto

9. Inspiring Quotes to Move You Towards Your Dreaminspiring quotes

10. The Value of Tension – Why We Should Embrace It stress

11. Sunday Prayer – Disturb Us, Lord storm

12. Sometimes the Path to Your Dream is Lonelyimage

13. Attaching Meaning to Our Suffering – the Most Important Stepneg turns

14. The Next Step (in Attaching Meaning to Our Suffering)

Ali Eminov "Girls of Sudam" The Quilted Conscience Project

Ali Eminov “Girls of Sudam” The Quilted Conscience Project

15. If You Don’t Change Anything, Where Will You Be One Year From Now?image 

16. It’s Okay to Leave at Intermissionintermission

17. List of Resources to Help You Find Your Dream and Live a Meaningful Lifeimage

18. What If?What if

19. What’s Stopping You? Hitting the Wallimage

20. Somedays I Hate Everythingimage

21. THIS Can Stop Your Dream in Its Tracks

photo cred Scott Teresi flickr

photo cred Scott Teresi flickr

22.  Sometimes You Just Need to Unplugimage

23. Three Ingredients For a Meaningful Life

photo credit Sean Freese Flickr

photo credit Sean Freese Flickr

24. Never the Same Againimage



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