About me

about meAbout me.

The answer to that question is the same as this page – a work in progress.

This Beautiful Holy Mess. What more can I say?

Beautiful – because there is beauty in the mess. In our joys, our pains. In the desert and on the mountain top. Just as we are, beautifully and wondrously created.

Holy – because Jesus. In the midst of the messy church and its people, I am trying to look at Just. Only. Jesus. Getting back to the basics.

Mess – because life and people are messy. Beautifully, gloriously messy.

I am a lover of stories. A square peg. A dreamer. A warrior. A Jesus girl. A hospice nurse. A writer learning to write again after many years. A wife, mom, friend, neighbor. I love Disneyland and road trips. I love my people, my tribe. I believe the best church is sharing a meal around a welcoming table and sharing our hearts. I feel deeply and wear my heart on my sleeve.

Through childhood, restless youth, and a broken and restored marriage. Through miscarriages and infertility, the loss and restoration of a prodigal son, and through the season of empty nest. As a wounded member of the church and the Church, and now with this move and huge life change – it is evident.

He rescues and restores us from a hopeless place.

That is so evident as the theme of my life in this season. And I know God is going to use our story, as he has in the past, to bring hope to those who feel hopeless. To bring light in the darkness of despair. To help those who are so blinded with the inconsistencies of what they see in the Christians who are so engaged in political and moral self-righteousness that they have forgotten the core of Christianity – Love one another – and I want to help shine the light.

In the summer of 2015, my husband and I moved from Vancouver, Washington to Louisville, Kentucky, far from our friends and family. Living the dream, people. We are finding a new dream in a new setting. Life is an adventure. We are working out how to love those far away while building a new community and finding a new tribe.

Welcome to This Beautiful Holy Mess.


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