The Places We Call Home

It is strange to return to a place that is no longer Home. Every street familiar, around every corner a lingering memory. Homes in which we have lived, homes of friends, the park where we walked, a carpool route, a riverside path, a favorite restaurant, that most familiar grocery store, the schools where your children learned and played and grew to become young men, the churches where you laughed and cried and loved. 

But we no longer have a physical home here. It now joins a list of places in our hearts that fill us with a joyful sense of home, a place of peaceful belonging. We have so many: the Oregon Coast, Central Oregon, Portland, Disneyland, the Columbia Gorge, Mt. Hood, Yellowstone – actually most of the national parks in the western states, Hawaii. 

And now Vancouver, Washington joins a list that was built upon so many beautiful times shared with family and friends, walking through life, so many hours traveling and on the road, raising our families, exploring back yards and open roads. Our special collection of places we call home in the amazing adventure we call Life. 

Where are the places you call home?

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