I Am From

I am from shag carpet and popcorn ceilings
From lavender walls and neon posters
A living room portrait of Jesus who sees all

I am from roast beef and green beans
From rhubarb pie, always with ice cream
Late night popcorn by the light of the tv

I am from clamp on roller skates
From a string of lights on the garage floor stage
Road trips and Disneyland

I am from a safe lap to curl up in
From Jesus died for your sins
I am from you should be a singer, a writer

I am from doesn’t live up to her potential
talks too much in class
I am from sit still, stop that, Kristin Kathleen

I am from I wouldn’t have to hurt you if you weren’t so . . .

From if you can’t forgive me, something must be wrong with your heart.

I am from Jesus loves me, this I know.

*this is from a writing exercise given by Allison Vesterfeldt, based on the poem “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon

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