What is Your Dream? (Two Questions to Help You Find It)

Where does one even begin to find their dream? If you and I were sitting at the coffee shop, or at happy hour, I might ask you,

“What is your dream?”

You might have a ready answer. You might have one hundred answers. Or maybe you don’t even know where to start to answer that question.  Together, we are going to start the journey of searching our hearts, and finding our dream. Let’s start simple – what is the definition of the word ‘dream’?

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word DREAM as:  A cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal:I fulfilled a childhood dream when I became champion

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary’s definition: DREAM: a :  a strongly desired goal or purpose <a dream of becoming president>  b :  something that fully satisfies a wish


Although it’s important to consider one’s dream in correlation with one’s life purpose, let’s start with the basics, and dig into PURPOSE a little later. 

Part of this series, our conversation on finding your dream, is going to ask you to think, to dig deeper.


Wherever you are reading this (at work, in your kitchen, at your desk, on your couch),

STOP and do this next step

Get a notebook or piece of paper, make a heading in your journal,  or open a document or note on your technology of choice. Go ahead, I’ll wait. You’re going to want to keep track of your answers as we dig deeper. Title this “My Dream’ (or whatever clever title you choose)

Next, write down these questions and answer them.

Question 1: What would I do if money were no object?

Question 2: Was this question difficult to answer? Why or why not?

And just like that, you are on your way to finding your dream again! Reader, we are all in this together. No one has it all figured out, no matter what it looks like on the outside.

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