Marriage Survival: Guest Posting on one of my favorite blogs 

so last week I was scrolling through Facebook after work and I saw a post on one of my favorite blogs, rageagainsttheminivan.

The post was about marriage survival, and as I read the teaser paragraph, I thought, “Wow, that sounds so much like our story!” Then I read a bit more and realized “Hey, that IS my story!” I had submitted the essay over a year ago, and had forgotten all about it. Blogger Kristen Howerton is amazing, and I must admit I had a little fangirl freak out moment to see my writing on her site. Particularly because it was not my best writing (it was originally a Facebook status update) and it was soon after I had started writing again. But it was still pretty cool.

You can read the post What I want you to know about marriage survival here

PS I’ve recently started a new job, but hope to be writing more in the month of October when I’m going to attempt the 31 day writing challenge again.