Dare To Be Awkward and Uncomfortable

Jesus spent His whole life engaging the people most of us have spent our whole lives trying to avoid.        Bob Goff

I’ve been going a lot of thinking lately about moving out of my comfort zone. I read a post at Love Thy Neighborhood this week about how bold love sometimes requires us to be awkward.  Building upon that, I told Craig

Me: I think I’ve found my tattoo!

Dare to be awkward                           and uncomfortable

Me: It encompasses everything I’ve been learning! Moving out of your comfort zone, loving people, showing grace and forgiveness, pursuing your dreams, personal growth – everything hard requires you to be awkward and uncomfortable.

Craig: It’s like wearing a polyester leisure suit.

Blank stare

Me: Way to ruin it for me, babe.

*this is brought to you courtesy of Craig and Kristin’s Roadtrip Conversations*

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